Monday, February 12, 2007

Practicing your chords

Our coffee table

At the weirdest times of the day I can hear someone strumming away on a guitar. 10 am, 4 pm, 11pm. And it always sounds the same. Just strumming.

It makes me wonder about our neighbors…which I have seen very few of.

Durkin Living RoomDurkin Living Room

The extremely loud sliding of drawers in the bedroom that I believe is next to our living room. These people either change a lot or do a lot of laundry that needs to be put away every night.

I'm sure these very same people I wonder about during the day are curious about me as well. For a week straight Harry Potter audio books were blaring through our stereo so I could here it in every room while I was unpacking and arranging. And now the podcasts that are constantly playing…mostly HP podcasts for the moment (I'm trying to figure out which ones I want to subscribe to and then have to catch up), but occasionally knit-casts.

Durkin Kitchen

Multi-family dwellings are so mysterious, in a way. It's not like you're in your own house, outside in your yard encountering your neighbors. Your only space is inside the walls of the apartment. And don't really have reason to venture out and encounter others. Impressions are made through the walls. By the sounds.

And perhaps…smells.

Is that random of a post for you? That strumming guitar this morning just stuck with me. And hey Mom & Dad, there's some more pics of the apartment. As you can see, its not bad.

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Tim said...

Hi Sarah, your place looks great. Reminds me of the old apartment days. Dad