Saturday, March 31, 2007

All I need is some buttery popcorn…

"our choices""Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus""Harry Potter"

I recently started dabbling in the world of ATCs, luckily it has yet to become an obsession as I think I have enough of those. But I participated in the Craftster Movie ATC swap, I showed you a couple of weeks ago the ATCs I sent out to my group. I've now received my final card, so I thought I show what my group came up with for my favorite movies (the list included Swingers, the Harry Potter series, Monsters Inc., Alice in Wonderland and Roman Holiday - though I must add that I was kicking myself moments after hitting send for not including School of Rock).

The group largely gravitated towards Harry Potter, which is awesome. My own little HP series of artwork! But the card I received today was a refreshing surprise.

"Roman Holiday #12"

It was a fun experience exchanging artwork, I've even signed up for a smaller ATC swap on Swap-Bot (once again Movies, but with a different twist). If I haven't told you before, I really, really enjoy getting mail. I like sending mail too, which is probably why I've signed up for quite a few swaps as of late. In addition to the ATC swaps, I'm doing a Harry Potter swap (which is the most labor extensive) and a Knitterly Letter Swap, which will be like having a pen pal! Yay.

Sealing envelopes, placing the stamp on, everything. That's the bad thing about email, not a lot of letter writing going on these days. What are future generations going to stumble upon in attics, tucked away?

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Patent Attorney said...

I love those Harry Potter designs! You've clearly got quite a talent there.