Monday, March 05, 2007

Could this be spring?

Happy Pelican

Walking back and forth through the courtyard, doing laundry all afternoon, the only thing going through my mind was, "this is spring ::sigh:: !"

Sunny, a slight breeze and probably around 50 degrees.

Walking through the dormant grass, just closing my eyes and breathing in. It was such a relief. Though I'm not entirely convinced, winter could slam back at any moment.

Isn't it sad how these metal, bouncy playground amusements are being replaced with plastic? I mean, the rusted metal jungle gym (which is present in the courtyard) can happily be replaced. But please, not the bouncy things! I was so heartbroken during Spring Break my junior year while I was taking photography class. My whole (cliché) assignment theme revolved around the old school playgrounds of my youth. I walked all around my hometown, camera and tripod in hand, only to be sorely disappointed.

I want to take this pelican home with me. To save him, I guess.

happy mail surprise

And as I walked into the darkness that is our apartment building, I was happily surprised by this bright and lovely magazine that was sitting in my mailbox. I can't wait to curl on the couch later on tonight and go through it. My day has been spent tying up some loose ends with our house and painting little piggies for my littlest best bud's Easter present. And then Carol at Kidding Around filled my head with even more inspiration for little ones!

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