Friday, March 09, 2007

Laying in the Sun with the Fresh Spring Air

Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Bat…I mean, Wolf

Oh, the glorious temperature today. The only thing that could have made the day more perfect is if it was a weekend and the sky was blue, instead of grey. But grey skies did not bother me, I was able to walk around in jeans and a track jacket and drive with my windows down and sunroof up. Isn't fresh air great?

March is great. One day you're freezing and snow's a possibility, and the next it's in the mid-60s with a chance of showers. Spring is definitely on its way and I will wear this blue Old Navy yoga jacket as frequently as possible.

Sadly things might get a bit slow around here for the next few weeks. Crafting may have to move to the back burners while some freelance work comes to boil. Work is good, though. And maybe if I spend less time surfing the internet (and reading blogs and Craftster constantly), I'll have more free time than I thought. I really enjoyed being able to be so craft-oriented the past few weeks, and am in no shortage of ideas, though I have been pretty productive.

I finished these guys up earlier in the week. The three little pigs. And the Big Bad Bat… I mean, Wolf (it looks like a bat, especially if you see the ears, it's ok to admit it). One of my new favorite bloggers is Kidding Around, and I have another project up my sleeve based on something she did recently. My piggies are basically copies of hers, but I thought for my first time, I should have inspiration close by. I have a few more ideas knocking around my head, now if only I could figure out someone to give them to. Or else I might just have to start my own little collection of Woodies. I can just imagine little Woodies taking over our apartment.

Send your creative juice wishes my way, people. I'm going to need as much as possible in the coming weeks.

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