Monday, March 26, 2007

Oh No!

Ducks in a hard place

I've noticed a pair of ducks waddling around our parking lot the past few days. Just Saturday, I noted what pretty purple patches the female had on her wing as they crossed the lot in front of my car.

This morning, coming back from a meeting, I noticed that the ducks were huddled under the car that I parked next to. Thinking it was a funny sight, and since I had my camera handy from an earlier expedition (which you will see soon), I thought I would take a picture.

As I stooped down, the ducks started circling in a very protective manner (which you can kinda tell from my picture) and then I saw it. They had laid an egg under the car.

That spells trouble.

I left a large note on the windshield of the car for the owner to pull out carefully. I called several different numbers trying to find someone who can tell me either to let it go or will come out and save the duck family. Though the ducks are in no danger, I've seen them waddling around the lot together, like an old married couple. I finally found the animal control and was informed that ducks are protected by the state so they can't touch them, but was given the number for the state conservation. It was the wrong number!

All my google searches are coming up empty in the sense that I can't tell if the department could help me. So what do I do now? I can see the poor little egg sitting so close to that tire from our window.

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Anonymous said...

that wasn't very smart on the ducks' part didn't they notice that that car wasn't always there?

perhaps you can move the egg (NOT with your bare hands of course) to under a porch or some otehr shelter. i'm not sure if they'll find it though. but i'd try that - perhaps while they're watching though you might get attacked by ducks then...

after moving it, keep an eye on it and if they reject it perhaps you can try hatching it yourself and then passing it along to the humane society

i hope the egg and ducks are ok :(