Saturday, March 24, 2007


Alstroemeria in pretty spring colors

I've been gone awhile, huh? I've been a busy, busy girl. Working hard on some freelance work, but I'm back now.

See my pretty flowers, a congratulatory gift from my husband. We had reason to celebrate last night, so we heartily did. A huge load was lifted off our shoulders around 10AM yesterday morning. Can you guess?

We finally sold our condo, after lots of emotional ups and downs in the past two months. It was only "on the market" for about 4 months, which is good. It was great when we had an accepted offer at the two month mark, and then the turmoil began. And lasted another two months. But it's gone now! Hurray!

To celebrate, Mike and I fondued last night. Our first time. And we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. This strange city we live in, the downtown area is dead on the weekends because the legislature is gone. We went for the entire fondue experience, a four course meal for two. It was great. Especially the scallops. I'm a sucker for scallops. Afterwards we wrapped up the evening watching our taped Grey's Anatomy, and went to bed relatively early.

Probably in relief.

The whole condo selling debacle has definitely left a bad taste in my mouth. When we buy a house here, I'm pretty set on it being our last house. We'll see if that happens.

Now on to the next big thing… Get a job.

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