Friday, March 16, 2007

Just a Ho-Hum Kind of Day


A project in the works. Too Cutesy, right? Hopefully when all is said and done, it'll be more subdued.

Currently I'm in this weird state. I have lots of work to do. Work for money. I was gung ho early in the week, but I think I wore myself out. Instead I find myself wanting to go back to making things for fun, but I know I shouldn't.

It's a weird personal tug-of-war. That is resulting in nothing getting done.

Must snap out of it and get to work this weekend. A meeting on Tuesday has some pretty big deadlines. Yikes. I also signed up for the 'End of Harry Potter Swap' (which Mike doesn't know about yet - hi honey) which needs to be sent at the end of April. Plus Easter is getting really close and I have a neat project that needs to get finished for our favorite 2 year old.

Multitasking is going to have to start happening, which would not be a bad thing. I am fully capable to doing things for money and things for fun.

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