Thursday, March 15, 2007

Swappity Swap Swap

I will start off saying that this post will be incredibly boring, and feel free to skip it, unless you are partnered up with me for a swap.

For those of you still with me today, I used to have this posted on my LJ. It's outdated, so I thought I revise and bring it over here…to my home. Soooo, let's begin.

Dear Swap Partners...

I'm addicted to creating: (period) I love to knit. I sew a little bit. I've become hooked on painting little wooden people, reminiscent of Fisher Price Little People of the day of old. Freezer paper stencils are fun. And I just started this whole ATC thing (so if you just wanna make me one up to throw in with your package, that would be awesome). I really enjoy book binding, but I don't do it very often. And then of course, you create when you cook, right?

I'd love to experiment with: Pretty much everything! More sewing, More knitting for sure. Screen printing, glass fusing, crocheting, block printing…are just a few things that couple to mind in terms of learning new skills.

My favorite colors are: Blue, orange, silver...yellow, green...I like most bright colors. And neutrals.

I'm not too fond of these colors: Pastels, gold, pukey colors, neons.

I'm currently or always in awe of: Stars, polka dots, cool fonts, vintage stuff (like 30s, 40s, 50s, maybe even 60s), graphic patterns, whales, cute little owls, aprons

I'd never refuse to take: BOTTLE CAPS!!! handmade stuff, art, recipes, tips/techniques on cooking/crafts/life

Some things I've been wanting
  • stitch markers
  • a cool journal to keep track of my completed knitting projects or swaps
  • yarn
  • cool fabric - retro-ey, or cool graphic patterns
  • amigurumi doll, like a hippo
  • a stamp or slide necklace
  • a case for my ipod
  • a wallet that's not too bulky, but can hold a lot of stuff - reminiscent to the Amy Butler wallet/checkbook clutch in In Stitches (my sewing skills are not up to that level)
  • it would be really cool, and rather dorky, to have 18-inch doll size Hogwarts uniforms
  • cool apron
  • Bottle caps, any kind, but retro ones would be awesome
  • Japanese craft books

And a little bit more about me:
  • do you keep a journal/art sketch book? yes, a journal and sketch books filed with ideas torn out from magazines, etc
  • do you have any pets? nope :(
  • do you have any kids *ages*? not yet
  • do you have a portable CD player, mobile phone, or ipod? a 2nd generation iPod and a flip phone
  • do you need another random trinket box? definitely not
  • do you need something to carry your knitting/sewing with you? After doing swaps for a couple years, I find myself in a plethora of tote bags, but if you have a great idea for one, I wouldn't turn you down!
  • do you need a CD case/folder thing? nope
  • do you need another purse? need, but I wouldn't turn one down
  • what crafts do you do/want to do? I can knit, book bind, do random graphic design things, embroider. I'd like to sew more, knit more, screen printing. Basically I' love trying new things.
  • what crafts do you admire? what don't I admire... my wist is starting to accumulate things that I admire.
  • do you collect anything? PEZ!!!!! And Molly & Kit from the American Girl Collection.

  • do you wear earrings? no
  • do you wear bracelets/cuffs? occasionally, if I have one that doesn't bore me (aka that I haven't worn a lot)
  • whats your wrist size? Probably around 6.5 inches, I don't have a measuring tape. Wow, I just went and measured. I was spot on.
  • do you wear necklaces? occasionally, if I have one that doesn't bore me (aka that I haven't worn a lot)
  • do you want gold or silver findings? silver
  • what is your shirt size? M in mens/unisex. L in women's
  • what is your shoe size? 9.5/10
  • would you like some clothes made for you? sure

  • what is your favorite color? blue, orange, grey, black, silver, yellow, green, etc...I look good in red, I hear.
  • what is your favorite color to go with your favorite color? anything that matches
  • do you have a favorite animal you would like something made with? not really, but I love the craftster-y take on things like owls, whales, turtles, etc.
  • do you have a favorite TV series you would like something made with? I love Gilmore Girls, LOST, Friends, Simpsons, Family Guy & Grey's Anatomy
  • do you have a favorite book you would like something made with? Some favorites include: Pride & Prejudice, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harry Potter, things by Nick Hornby, Bookends (and others) by Jane Green
  • What is your favorite food? tough choice, I do love mac & cheese - Chinese food - lasagna - coconut chicken - ice cream. I love to experiment.
  • What is your favorite smell? strawberry, berries, fresh linens
  • are there any colors you hate? neons, pastels, gold, pukey colors
  • would you dislike receiving items made from animal products? i don't think I care.
  • is there anything you would rather not receive because of religious references? I'd prefer to steer away from overtly religious things.
  • is there anything else you would dislike? I don't think so.
  • do you have any actual allergies? nope, though some artificial smells and smoke make me sneeze.
  • what are your favorite movies? I could go on forever....Swingers, MallRats, Fever Pitch, Meet the Parents, To Kill a Mockingbird, Royal Tenebaums, School of Rock, Monsters Inc., I could go on.
  • who is your favorite person from those movies? probably Ben Stiller
  • who is the best dresser on TV? Lorelia on Gilmore Girls
  • who are your celebrity crushes? Jake Gyllenhaal & Ben Affleck
  • who is the best cartoon character? Boo from Monster Inc, Wacko from Animaniacs, Sebastian from Little Mermaid
Yours Truly,

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