Thursday, May 17, 2007

Daily Doodle or Illustration Friday… hmmm

Sour Lemon - Illustration Friday

I've been on the Illustration Friday mailing list for, well, it has to be a year now. But I've never done it. Sometimes I think, oh I could do something for that theme. Other times, the theme offers no motivation. Really though, I just lack the skill or confidence in the skill that I may have to participate. Originally I thought it would be a great way to rev the creative juices.

Well, I still lack the creative confidence, but I thought I should ease into it. And what better way then to just doodle. So while watching the season finale of The Office, I got some markers out.

Hopefully with some practice with this creative exercise, things will come easier. Less stifled would be very much welcomed.


Janice said...

welcome.... and keep it up.... You submitted a nice bright piece.. :)

Vhrsti said...

Hello! I love your doodles, they are simply clever and cute. And I admire your skilfulness.

Nancy Bea said...

I like the bright colors and simplicity of the piece! Very attractive.