Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Whew, that's better!

I've been meaning to blog about this for over a year, since last February actually. Initially it got put off for more "important" things to blog about, then I thought it was too far back in my flickr free photos, but now that I'm Pro, I can see I never actually uploaded.

Voodoo Darcy

I whipped this voodoo doll up for Darcy early last year, when she was having a tough time. Her car was acting up, she was away from her family in Hawaii, work sucked, etc. I wanted to send her something to brighten her day, and when I saw this. The perfect solution, just too funny.

I crudely made this up, with scraps around the house, that gives it a really rustic feeling. And then went to work on "Life's Annoyances."

Some More of Life's Annoyances Some of Life's Annoyances

It was fun to think of things in life that were giving Darcy a tough time and then try to visual them. Heck, I even got Mike in on the fun! Which is sometimes nearly impossible when it comes to crafts.

The annoyances are: heart/love, Mini Cooper, unknown/general, peanuts, lab mice, bad weather, chatterbox roommates, mind/brain, computer. Mike made the peanut and the mouse, I must give credit where credit is due.

And that's today's flashback.

The big 1 year blogaversary is only a few days away…perhaps a little celebration is in order, hmmm?

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