Sunday, May 27, 2007

Daily Doodles - Family Edition

Daily Doodles - May 26, 2007

Today's Daily Doodle comes from last night's birthday dinner with our families. Enjoying our first tastes of authentic Springfield horseshoes (buffalo chicken = awesome).

After nabbing Bray's leftover chicken strips for lunch, and waiting for our large check to be reviewed, I started doodling on the styrofoam take-home box. I drew a couple chickens and then the box and pen traveled around the table and almost everyone (minus the dads, and baby - I didn't want him to scribble over everything) had a go at decorating the box.

Starting from the upper left, we have have Marianne's (Mike's mom) Snoopy, Mike's well practiced chicken (I still remember the first time he showed me it - it always looks the same), my mom's "Stoner Guy" (her words, not mine), Steve's (Mike's brother) chicken, Lonny's airplane, and finally, my two chickens. Everyone was supposed to draw chickens because it was chicken fingers… but some people did not comply.

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