Monday, May 28, 2007

My New Toys

Yes I Do!

My Birthday card from Mike, a print by Elloh

My Much Coveted Print

I've coveted this print for a few months, once again by Elloh. "The Girl Can Play Guitar." Can't wait to get it framed, the only question is should it be hung in my office or in my studio when we buy a house?

Speedball Block Printing Kit

Enough with other people's art… now I can make my own! I've been wanting to get into Block Printing for a couple years, and finally a birthday check from Mike's grandparents gave me incentive to get myself a starter kit (but boy, was it a tough choice between the Block Printing and Screen Printing kits).

Fun Reads & Inspiration

A couple new craft books from my in-laws, I may actually crack open Simple Sewing today and whip up a surprise for my May Birthday Swap partner.

27" LCD Flat Screen TV & Surround Sound System

Technically, this isn't my new toy… it's our new toys.
As a joint gift to us from our parents, a new LCD Flat Screen TV (from mine) and a Surround Sound System, complete with DVD player/receiver thing (from Mike's). We may just break down a get cable, or more likely just watch way more movies than we already do.

Handmade Table Loom

And this isn't a present, but is still a new toy. Given to me from my grandparents. It was made by my great-uncle who recently died for a great-aunt, who no longer can weave. It was handmade, and I have no idea how to use it… yet.

Ratatouille Pez Dispensers

And how could I forget these guys? The newest PEZ dispensers, for the Pixar movie Ratatouille, from my Uncle Richard (a fellow PEZ head).

The birthday was good, and included some other goodies like new clothes and shoes and gift certificates to some of my favorite downtown restaurants, and hopefully a Target gift card will materialize into Volume 2 of Animaniacs or School House Rocks DVD very soon.

Well, off to enjoy the remainder of my 4 day weekend before early summer hours start at work tomorrow.

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Lori said...

I am so jealous of your loom. I fake it on a Fischer Price weaving loom (I'll have a post soon). My mom got one similar to yours tha is all beat up. She's repairing it slowly and said she'll teach me to weave fabric as soon as it is rolling. Woohoo! Great new toys. I've never seen the Harry Potter knitting book... Does it have Ron's hat in it?

Oh man, while I'm on the subject... I can't wait for that blasted movie and book this summer. I'm not a patient person. I might just have to get my insider friend that works in an Amazon warehouse to sneak me a copy.

Okay... this comment is way over appropriate comment length. The end.