Friday, June 01, 2007

i AM a winner

Cecily Ink Card File

Lookie, lookie what I won over at Hostess with the Mostess blog a couple weeks ago during stationery week!

A Cecily Ink Card File in chartreuse, complete with cards for all different occasions. 12 cards/envelopes in total, including 6 letterpress cards…swoon!

Cecily Ink Card File

And look how adorable the shipping box was packed. Everything coordinated in color, down to the Jelly Bellys. I wondered if they do this for every package, or I was just special because I won one of their sponsored give-aways. I'm tempted to find out…and anyways who couldn't use more letterpress stationery?

I highly recommend taking a looksie over at Hostess with the Mostess (the website) for fun party ideas and just plan inspiring imagery. And if that isn't incentive enough, she just launched Recipe Box. The front page photos make me drool enough to heat up our tiny kitchen all week in our 85 degree apartment even though I was only cooking for myself.

Yes, they are that good.

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