Thursday, June 07, 2007

It's about time…

One of many snails throughout our hike

Yes, I've been sitting on this pictures since May 19, so it was only fitting to use one of my little, slow-poke friends as a jumping off point. Way back when, three weeks ago, Mike and I headed out of town to Monticello to explore Allerton Park. We needed a break from hectic workdays, tv-gazing nights, and all that stuff we seem to fall into during the week.

Enjoy a short pictorial tour of a beautiful spring day, without the pesky mosquitos (lucky you!).

Among the Blooming Peonies
Blooming peonies, just a same section of the large peony garden.

Lost in the Chinese Parterre
Yes, that is me… how can you tour a place without a cheesy photo, right?

The Sun Singer
The Sun Singer, a nice place for a quick sandwich and break from the mosquitos.

Buddha Pavillion
Buddha Pavillion

Little Surprise Atop the Buddha Pavillion
And an end of day surprise after a twirly climb to the top of the Buddha Pavillion. Just sitting there basking in the sun without the care in the world.

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