Friday, June 08, 2007

The Michael's Haul

My Michael's Haul

Friday's are half days during the summer, so I headed over to Michael's to look for a bag handle. The store is being remodeled, the aisles were impossibly tight, and I couldn't find the handles…but there was loads of stuff for 90% off! I walked out with all this stuff for just over $4. Not too bad.

Kitschy Fabric
$9.99 bundles of Kitschy fat quarters, only$1.00!

Japanese Paper Doll fabric
Couldn't pass up these fat quarters, I've always loved paper dolls. Sadly there are no actual dolls on the fabric, only the clothes.

Camp Out buttons
And the adorable Camping buttons, which so fittingly popped up when we are going camping this weekend. Sadly though they are not all buttons, and I'm not quite sure what the non-buttons are supposed to be used for.

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