Sunday, June 10, 2007

Me and the post man are good friends.

Red & Yellow Checkbook Cover

Postal workers often get a bad rap. Why is that? I vaguely remember a number of years ago when a postal employee went "postal" and since then it's been the joke, right? I guess I can understand why people would expect postal employees to be uppity (and granted, I have come across a couple) because the number of people in a hurry that they come across in a day. People dread going to the post office. They hate waiting in lines just to buy stamps, and they are often doing these errands at the last moment when things are crucial and they have more important things to do.

Inside of Red & Yellow Checkbook Cover

I, on the other hand, enjoy going to the post office. And in the last few weeks, I've found myself in one of two different post offices at least twice a week. If not more. At times I'm amazed at the number of people in line at the weirdest times, thinking like myself that they will be able to beat the rush. At other times, admittedly, I am frustrated that the postal supply store is not open all the time like my old post office. I have been finding myself sending out a lot of packages for work, and I need to pack them!

Red Calorimetry

But all in all the experience is always pleasurable. I know that may sound weird, but it's true. Especially here, postal workers have always been extremely helpful, understanding and kind. Which is amazing considering the number of people they must come across a day. And the hours they work, it seems, a day. In my hometown, the postal workers were nice and friendly, but did expect you to be prepared. All packages ready for shipment. Which at times caused problems if I (we, the public in general) didn't quite know exactly how to ship something, or emergency trips to Walgreens to finish taping a seam when the packing tape ran out.

Business Card HolderBusiness Card Holder

But here, the postal workers are always very helpful even to people who are not prepared. They offer packing tape (before, in hometown, they made you buy the tape at the postal supply store), help you repackage something when you find your original choice of packaging triples your shipping cost (true story, happened to me earlier this week) and even help you bet the system by covering all the Priority Markings on the free box with brown packing tape so you can get the shipping you want in the free box. All these things, with a line of people waiting.

Do Pigs Frolick?

Granted, I can see this may be rather frustrating for a person who rarely pops in every few months to buy a roll of stamps. But for those of us who spend time in the post office this type of service is welcomed, even if I do have to wait an extra 15 minutes in line because one day it could (and has) be me.

"Woman At The Wheel"

All my post office visits haven't been dreams. In my old work town (aka CL), the postal workers were extremely uppity and at times down right rude, even when you were prepared. And there have been times when you do hear a snarky comment for the workers once the offending patron has gone from earshot. But at those time, you fully understand because you've heard what the patron has said and what attitude they gave. And anyone who's been in a service industry knows those snarky comments come out after an experience like that, you need to share with your comrades, and though you know you shouldn't let other customers hear, you also know they understand.


Like I said I've been to the office a lot in the past few weeks. Sending swap packages, receiving packages (the PO won't deliver packages to our apartment, only notices), sending shipments for work, and of course, buying Star Wars stamps. Above is a selection of the swapping that's been going on, my partners have received so no "stalkers" will ruin the surprise.

A checkbook cover based on Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing for Alteredmommy in the May Birthday swap. Also for Alteredmommy, a calorimetry from Knitty. Then a horse-inspired business card holder for Catsjewelry in the May Birthday Swap (which was a heck of a lot harder than I anticipated due to the small size and plastic canvas structure - but that front button is adorable!), a selection of fat quarters and large colorful scraps went along with it.

"Do Pigs Frolick?", an ATC for Teeisme in a personal swap. She recently got a little pig and is starting an ATC pig collection. "Woman at the Wheel" is what I swapped for, I saw her on Teeisme's flickr and contacted her about a trade. Luckily, she obliged because I'm in love with me little 20's lady on a road trip.

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Sarah! You're checkbook cover is fabulous! You know my birthday is coming up, right??? (hint hint). I'm so jealous that you have a sewing machine.