Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Stash

"The Stash"

Knitters have their Stash of yarn.

Sewers (is that right? it doesn't look right) have their Stash of fabric.

And I… have my Stash of craft books.

This is it…minus one or two that may be in my car in my craft group emergency knitting bag. There's at least 30. Of all different genres… knitting, crochet, paper crafts, sewing, embroidery. It's difficult to believe that one person could really use all these books.

Mostly they are for inspiration. I like the pretty pictures. Simple as that.

Kinda like how a knitter is drawn to the feel of yarn or a sewer to the pattern of fabric.

I may even like craft books more than I actually like crafting. I enjoy the feeling I get. The feeling that I could make these things. That I'm capable. Or the push to become capable enough to accomplish a tougher project that may be out of my league. They become a motivator.

…and now I must go reshelve all of them. In their proper place in our "dewey decimal"* system of organizing our bookcases.

*Though we don't employ the actual Dewey Decimal system, we use the same theories. Just minus the pesky numbers.

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

I'm drooling over your collection and I love my craft books too. I think I'm close to 20 (plus more magazines!) and even if I don't make anything from them I love flicking through for inspiration (or to laugh at the pictures in my 70s craft books!).