Friday, June 22, 2007

May/June Tie One On - Pockets!

May/June Tie One On

Look at me…not waiting until the last minute to make my Tie One On entry! Perhaps I am growing as a person, a little more responsible month by month.

Admittedly, though, I had some assistance. Is that cheating? I received the basic apron in a swap package a few months back, but it was too big in the chest area for me so I haven't used it. I decided Tie One On was the perfect opportunity to actually make it work for me, so it wouldn't sit stowed away, never to be used.

Full Apron

I deconstructed it, refit the shoulders, added new spiffed-up pockets perfect for kitchen cooking, and semi-lined in so it became reversible…kinda.

I actually couldn't figure out how to line it fully. There's darts in the bust, I think. And I could decide what kind of fabric to use for the upper body because the denim didn't look right and I, of course, didn't have any of the wavy fabric. I think it makes sense for it to be used as a half apron on one side and a full apron on the other. And if it makes sense to me, that's all that matters.

Half Apron

I can really see my sewing skills starting to improve just in participating every other month in Tie One On. One thing I've really learned is how important using match thread is. It's a lot easier to overlook stitch mishaps when the thread blends in. Next on the list…learn patience, things don't need to be all sewed up in one sitting. I have a feeling that Amy's new book will really hit home with me! I can't wait to finally be able to sit down with it.

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