Friday, April 27, 2007

My first ROUND package ever!

My own HP patch

Work has been rather hectic, but then again not, for the past week. Mike's work has just been plain crazy, so we both are looking forward to a nice weekend getaway.

I know, it so does not sound like us, right?

But we are leaving town for a place that is not one of our parents' houses. We're heading to St. Louie. My first time to Missouri, which is weird considering I've lived in Illinois my whole life. But hey, I haven't been to Indiana either. When I say that, it makes it seem like I never left my little town, but we did travel quite alot when I was younger, just out west, not south nor east.

My first round package!

So onto this infamous ROUND package that started this weekend o' fun off right…

See it really is round. Have you ever received a round package in the mail? Odds are no, so you might be able to imagine my glee when the postal worker handed it over to me. Just seeing something that wasn't a boring, ole rectangle made me giddy. And it kinda tortured me all afternoon, since I picked it up from the post office on my lunch hour.

I ripped it open immediately upon entering our apartment, and I found the joys of the End of Harry Potter swap. And any mail that isn't a bill or junk is happy mail when I week just can't end soon enough!

Remus Lupin Sleeping Mask
A Remus Lupin (my favorite character besides the trio) sleeping eye mask, which is already around my neck waiting for me to finally go to bed tonight. I've been trying to find my old eyemask that I had never used but kept for at least 10 years just in case, but I think I tossed it in a decluttering moment during our last apartment move.

Beaded Stitch Markers
Very pretty beaded stitch markers, though not exactly HP related, they kinda are because I do knit a lot of Harry Potter stuff. I'm a bit reluctant to use them, I tend to lose markers very easily.

HP Cork Coasters
Just a sampling of cork coasters with illustrated tiles inset within them. My favorite is the one on the left of the Potter family, pre-Avada Kedavra.

Mod HP Apron
A very mod, HPified smock apron (the detail of the patch with the Harry Potter lettering is my very first photo of the post - cool, huh?). It may need a tiny bit of modification to fit properly in the chest area, as I am not as well-endowed as most girls. I resisted the urge to put it on immediately to cook dinner tonight because I wanted a photo of it first and Mike was still at work, so it will be christened in the near future.

I feel like a slacker partner, but really it's not entirely my fault that I'm sending a week late. I needed a book to assist me in finishing my big project. I've had it on hold at the library since the beginning of March, I've checked the libraries in my parents' and in-laws' towns, and numerous book stores. No one had it! I eventually ordered it off Amazon, but I bought used and I still haven't received it. I eventually just winged it and it turned out all right. Though you'll have to wait until at least the end of next week to see what I've been up to the past month besides the new job.

We're off to St Louis bright and early tomorrow morning for two days of zoos, science, hotels, Arches, dinners out and Cubs baseball! Have a great weekend, too.

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