Sunday, April 22, 2007

Another ATC Swap

Nice Kitty

I recently participated in another ATC Swap on Swapbot. This time Favorite Movie/TV Show theme, sending your favorites to your partners. I decided that my partners should get different programs - one movie, one tv show.

A True Gryffindor

Since I'm still a newbie at the whole ATC thing, I really find the themes helpful. They give direction, and for the most part lend themselves to collage, rather than another form of expression.


In case you're not quite sure what I've done, there's a Monsters Inc card, "Nice Kitty"; "A True Gryffindor" (a Harry Potter card); "Intertwined" (a LOST card); and "Good Eats" (a Good Eats with Alton Brown card).

Good Eats

When searching for some imagery that I could interpret for Good Eats, I ran across the Ab element information. It was too funny, not to use.

Swapping should be wrapping up soon, if only I could find this stupid book that has been eluding me. Since my End of Harry Potter swap package is supposed to be in the mail tomorrow, I've started just to wing it. The end product won't be as cool or elaborate as I had hoped, but it's still turning out well. I already have a list of things I'm anxious to get started on as soon as the swap wraps up.

Western Works

Including plans for jumping on the mini/doll quilt craze, one of which will use this fabric. Right now I have three quilt ideas in my head, featuring quilts for both Molly and Kit, based on their time periods. This will be my first time quilting since I was about 11 when I made my first doll quilt in sewing class. It never even got quilted. So we'll see how the whole process goes, right now I plan a practice quilt first before I start theirs. As it would not be fair to make one of them a quilt, decide I don't like doing it, so the other would be quiltless. Yes, I am all about fairness between my dolls.

And how can I forget, I've had all the materials to make my March/April Tie One On apron since the beginning of March, but once again it will be coming down to the wire.

An afternoon of open housing in 80 degree weather has left me exhausted, so I'm off to knit in quiet. (Oh, it's my 100th post! No special plans, I think I'll save those for the big 1 year mark in May).

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