Friday, April 20, 2007

Big City

Hey Hey

I like that I can leave work at 5:05 on a Friday and walk through the downtown streets and the city seems practically empty. Occasionally a gaggle of tourists will meander by or businessman hurrying to Happy Hour will cross your path.

Such a difference from 5 hours earlier where you meet tourist groups at ever corner and business people are milling about taking a mid-day break in the beautiful weather.

Wish I had brought my camera to show the peacefulness.

It was something that always amazed me of Chicago, as well. How a place with so many people and businesses could be so empty.

I know my photo has nothing to do with the words, but what fun is a blog post without and images, right? These are a few of my latest PEZ acquisitions from my mom for Easter. I wish they had made Boo to go along with Mike & Sulley, and hey what about Woody? And thanks to CRAFT magazine for bringing my attention to my next big project. I am going to catalog my entire PEZ collection on Flickr. Awesome, right?

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