Monday, April 30, 2007

Tie One On - March/April: Rick Rack

Wellies - blurred on me

Lesson learned.

Don't put off doing something until the night before it is due. Night time photos are crap. That fact alone should deter you.

Or to put a positive spin on it, this photo gives the mood of a rainy day/night without having the rain to work with. It's kinda moody, right?

That spin totally works with my inspiration for this month's Tie One On… "Wellies."

The theme was actually Rick Rack, but for some reason I got wellies stuck in my head.

Wellies - detail

Probably because April showers bring May flowers.

I had this elaborate apron planned, but things started to go down hill from the beginning. I could not find the fabric that I envisioned… a little whale print, preferably on navy. Nor could I find rick rack in the exact shade of green that I wanted. Not green green, but green with some attitude. I was drawn to this teal rick rack and happened upon this print, though a bit more juvenile than I had hoped for, still gave a wellies vibe off. Then I put off making the apron until tonight, and was sadly disappointed that my go-to navy fabric was at it's end. Basically this apron would make a great kids apron, and may actually go into an etsy shop if I decide to set one up. Since I wasn't going to be able to wear it, my stenciling plans for a girl standing in a puddle with an umbrella got scrapped.

I know, I'm a slacker. Next challenge I promise to be better!


But even with all that disappointment, I'm very pleased with how the apron turned out. It's nice to see my sewing skills improve even though I'm not practicing constantly. This thing turned out almost perfect, in a not-a-seamstress way.

So I'm thrilled.

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