Saturday, July 14, 2007

Grease is the Word!

Beat the crowds

It's got groove, it's got feelin'!

Especially in the capital city. It felt like half the city came out tonight to hand jive at the Muni with Mike and I. We thought we were clever getting to the outdoor amphitheater an hour and a half before curtain.

Umm, no. It took about 45 minutes to snake through that line for lawn seats. I planned to get a lot more knitting done on baby dress #1 while lounging in the grass for an hour and a half, sadly that time got cut down to only 45 minutes. Still enough time to get a few rows done and draw the attention of an older lady seating behind me.

The Muni Audience

Here's the crowd before we were instructed to squeeze together about 5 minutes before curtain. That's a lot of people, huh? It was a fun experience, watching Grease under the stars on a nice summer night. Kinda wish we would have gone to the other two shows this summer, there's still one more next month…Oklahoma!, so we may have to go.

Another fun bonus for moving down south. Large city, small community feel.

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