Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Month O' Potter

Harry Potter messenger bag

Is anyone else pumped for this month?

Order of the Phoenix in theaters Wednesday.

Deathly Hallows hits the shelves on the 21st, and after a short road trip to my mother-in-law's I shall be holed up all weekend, immersed in my favorite alternate world. Mike will have to bring me food and water until I leave for work on Monday morning. And then every night until I finish, which hopefully won't take too long.

Let the Potter dreams begin.

In celebration of the Month of Potter, starting tomorrow I will be toting this baby around town. Mike got this messenger bag from one of those credit card solicitors that stake out on college campuses. Mike immediately covered the logo with duct tape and that's how it has stayed for the past 5 years. Not being used, but being toted from dorm to 2 college apartments, up to our first apartment, then to our condo, and finally down to the Land of Lincoln. I was always tempted to toss it in the Purple Heart pile, but I've felt that it would come in handy. Now adorned with that patch I received in the End of Harry Potter swap (yes, I totally deconstructed that apron), I have a subtle, yet oh-so-Potter bag to tote around every day.

How's that for recycling?

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Anonymous said...

SARAH! That bag is so incredibly cool! How did you make that Riopell patch with the lightning bolt??? OH MAN! I'm going to have to marry someone who's last name begins with 'R' so you can make me one jsut like it. Nice work. -Darcy