Sunday, August 19, 2007

R is for Restless

Captain Restless - Illustration Friday
'Captain Restless'

• I've inherited restless legs from my mom. Lucky for Mike, not to her severity. But there are times when I'm sitting still and I need to just bounce my legs. Or when I'm trying to fall asleep and the jiggling of my foot helps me calm down.

• Sometimes when I'm trying to fall asleep, I can't. My whole body feels restless. Like my insides are jittery. I hate when that happens, but have yet to pin down what causes it. It doesn't happen often but when it does it is torture. I usually end up eventually asleep on the couch after pacing around and just laying, trying to will my body to take a chill pill.

• It's becoming more frequent that an afternoon restless streak plagues me at work. I can't sit still. I can't focus. I want to get home and do other things. Like knit or blog or make dinner. Just anything besides what I'm supposed to be doing…working. Nothing seems to cure it. No difference from staying in the office at lunch or sitting in the park for my hour lunch or going home and doing some chores at lunchtime to free up time for fun at night. Nothing. Perhaps I just don't have enough creativity to last me through the day.

• Captain Restless up there was dreamed up in the shower tonight. I struggled all day trying to figure out some sort of imagery to go along with today's post. And finally it struck me as I was winding down for the night…Illustration Friday's theme this week is 'Captain,' I've started work on the superman capes I told Mike's mom I'd make up for her friend's preschool class, drawing quick, little Cici a couple weeks ago was fun, and Mike's been having trouble sleeping the last month or so. And from all of that, Captain Restless was born. A little guy all ready for bed, but that cannot fall asleep…even though it's way past his bedtime.


mike r baker said...

Cute! I hope Captain Restless uses his powers for good. :)

platinum blonde said...

love those slippers!