Wednesday, August 22, 2007

T is for To Do

Normal Day To Do

I'm a list maker. More specifically, a To-Do List Maker. Notice the capitalization, it is a proper noun!

In my bag there is always a little notebook, and nearly everyday it makes its way onto my desk at work because I'm having trouble focusing on the task on hand. My mind drifting off to all the things I want/need to do after work, or during the weekend. Books I need to read. Crafts I need to do. So I write it all down, and my mind frees up a bit so I can get back to work. Or else seeing the giant list distracts me even more.

Crafty To Do

Plus there is the satisfaction of crossing things off…you can't beat that visual reminder of accomplishment.

My to do lists get pretty intense sometimes. Like the newly created 'Crafty To Do' which is on a dry erase board for easy deletion and addition or the trial-run checklist for last year's Thanksgiving dinner (our first time hosting such an event). I had to make sure everything tasted good, and I knew exactly how to make everything. I think it really made the holiday go 100% smoother. I knew how long dishes were going take, what I could prepare ahead of time and how they would turn out…well, all but the turkey, my first try was the day of and it turned out superb.

Thanksgiving Dinner '06

Now off to check another thing off today's list…go to bed. And yes, sometimes my lists to get as anal retentive as that. Listing things like shower and go to bed, but I'm happy to report I have never put 'go to the bathroom' on a list.


Stacey said...

I miss seeing your To-Do Lists... they made me feel like such a slacker... and still do ;)

Jenna Z said...

Wow. what a great post! I love seeing other people's lists. (I should really post some of my own!) And can I just say, we are so much alike! I actually went and saw a therapist for my anxiety/worry and my lists were a number 1 coping mechanism that I had been doing all along and was encouraged to continue-but only if I don't dwell on them. If I am thinkin about somethin-write it down and walk away-don't pick up the list and fondle it or trace over the letters in the list while at work or think about a timeline of items throughout the day. Well, I do peek at my lists during the day just like you but I try not to get carried away. Write now on my desk I have (hidden within my day planner) a list of genera To-Dos, swap To-Dos, things for the sandwich swap I am arranging at work and a list of my A-Z's to blog, of course!