Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I really can finish things!

Gywneth's Garter Stitch Fairy: Rose Dress

Petal Skirt detail

Gywneth's Garter Stitch Fairy: Rose Dress

Yes, finished projects. I had a productive long weekend, though actually this little knitted dress was 90% done before this weekend. Started the weekend of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows release (July 21), finished September 3. To my credit, I probably should have been done mid-August…Had I not knit a sweater top that I could fit in. The pattern wasn't clear on the size, just that there were five. I miss understood the part the said, "5 sizes, starting at 2-6 months." Thinking this meant sizes 2mo, 3mo, 4mo, 5mo & 6mo. My gauge was spot on, so I thought it would work itself out, but once it was all sewed together it was quite obvious that no baby would be safe in it. Seriously, I fit in it. It was short, as in a boob holder, but it fit.

I'm not entirely sure how well it will hold up to multiple washing and wearing. I just winged the button loops, but at least my end-weaving has gotten better (hopefully). Both these projects were for Mike's cousin's baby shower that is this coming weekend, and which I can't attend. I was under a deadline of getting it into the mail today, and after a bit of stress, I made it. Little Gywnnie should get at least one wearing out it.

Gwyneth's Scalloped Blanket

Stitchette Detail

Gwyneth's Scalloped Blanket

And I finally was able to use my favorite fabric. The fabric I've been itching to use since July. I whipped this Scalloped Baby Blanket from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing in a few hours over the course of two days. It was actually kinda tough, with all those scallops. Hopefully the next one will go better. It was fun to embroider again as well. We spent a lot of time in cars this weekend, and the little Summer Stitchette was the perfect craft to take along, so I could feel productive and like I wasn't wasting time. Must remember that on our next car trip, just embroider something, even if I don't have a purpose for it yet.

The crafting action continues, I'm still behind on the 'Crafty To Do.' Next deadline involves some superhero capes, in the mail to my mother-in-law by th end of the week. I feel bad I didn't get them done before the beginning of September for the preschoolers, but I did find a few extras of the same goody that's hopefully make it up to the kids. And yes, I finally worked a new pattern on Bray, so hopefully it'll fit better. I couldn't get him to try my cutouts more than three times, so there's still a bit of guess work, but I should have the neckline problem solved. Then there's Christmas gifts to work on, other baby gifts, Tie One On aprons…oh yeah, and some things for me as well.


Felicia said...

You FOs are lovely! That sweet little girl is a charmer.

Anonymous said...

Sarah! That dress is too precious! I am so imressed. your knitting has come so far. And the little girl you made is adorable! Wow, when ou have a litle girl, she is totally going to be the cutest thing on the block!