Saturday, October 13, 2007

And The Conclusion Is…

Fall Farmers Market Bounty

Are there roads that follow the border of the state?

Awoken quite suddenly this morning, trying to fall back asleep, I laid in bed thinking. Eventually my mind finally ended on this question.

How, you might ask. Well, here was my line of thought, all happening within a minute or two.

• Was thinking about the farmer's market I was planning on visiting this morning.
• I decided I must try the White Hot Cocoa at Moxie.
• What a nice way to stroll the market, warm cocoa on a chilly fall day (yes, fall has finally arrived here!).
• Oh, how nice it will be next week, when I drag Mike to the farmer's market, to stroll hand in hand with my love, sipping hot cocoa on a brisk morning.
• Wait, I think we might be going camping near St Louis next weekend.
• I wonder where we'll camp.
• I wonder if we can some how make it to another state to camp, probably not. We're pretty much in the dead center of the state.
• Hmm, I wonder if there are roads that follow the border of the state?
• And how long would it take to drive around the entire state?

Above are the goodies I picked up at the market. Fall veggies, to try some new recipes. On the drizzly, grey day, Mike and I gave our new kitchen a cheery facelift. Pictures to come, once things get put away a little more.

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