Monday, October 08, 2007

The End of a Season, The End of a Bag…

End of Summer Bag Clean Out

The Cubs' season is over. Technically summer is too (though you wouldn't be able to tell from the 90 degree heat). So it's time for the changing of the day bag. To something hardier. Roomier. And all around more autumnish.

This is what I emptied out of my bag this afternoon. A few noteables (click on the photo for an indepth, noted image at flickr) include:

• a service receipt for my broken iMac
• a business card holder with cards from my old job
• a few bucks in loose change
• 2 To Do List notebooks
• a wallet I was given in, like eighth grade - 12 years ago

I've wanted to expose myself in this manner for awhile, and today presented the perfect opportunity. I was listening to Satellite Sisters podcast from Friday and they had on a women who wrote a book on why women carry the world in their purses. Plus since real fall doesn't see to want to bear its face and the Cubs blew their World Series chance this weekend, it really was time to change bags to something more seasonally appropriate.

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