Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Very Harry Halloween!

Harry Potter

Last night, Mike and I went to a little Halloween gathering with a few of his coworkers. With such short notice on the costume party and Mike on a business trip during the week, it was up to me to figure out the costume situation. Of course I jumped on the chance to finally dress up as Harry Potter characters.

Ginny Weasley

With so little time, it was nothing fancy. No robes, no knit scarves. no matching Gryffindor ties. But after seeing this on Craftster, I knew I could pull something off. Mike, of course, playing the part of Harry (black hair and greenish eyes, he's a give-in) and me as Ginny Weasley complete with flaming red wig (which actually had devil horns in it, but I clipped them out).

All I needed was a couple of black tee shirts, white, gold, red and black fabric paint, some freezer paper, an iron, and a couple foam brushes. I stenciled off my white areas, but then free handed everything else. The photos looks OK, but up close…yikes. But that's what the creator always thinks, right?


I also whipped us up a couple wands, covering dowel rods with polymer clay.

Sadly, the only person who knew who I was was an eight-year-old (who was dressed as a Death Eater). I got Hermoine and Wendy (from Wendy's, understandable I guess, the red red wig in pigtails…maybe next year I can get Mike to dress up as Dave Thomas).

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Stacey said...

AHHH!!! I LOVE IT!! :)

But you knew I would!

The wands were a nice touch!