Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Could There Possibly Be Anymore Pumpkins?!

My 2007 Cute Grim Reaper Pumpkin

Mike's 2007 Unibrow Pumpkin

A bit late this year, but Mike and I sat down to our yearly tradition and carved pumpkins. This year was a breeze compared to last. The Corpse Bride took a lot out of me, so this year I went simple…a cute little grim reaper based on a piece of jewelry I stumbled across on Wists.

And Mike rocked the unibrow. I've never seen anyone as anal as Mike on getting the inside of a pumpkin clean. He's like obsessive about it. And critiqued mine. I got an 'OK.' I'll try harder next year.

Scary Halloween House

Both on my pumpkin cleaning and house decorating. Though the new house is celebrating it's first holiday, it is not doing it with a bang.

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