Saturday, November 17, 2007

Felted Christmas Wreath…A Really Long WIP

Felted Christmas Wreath - In Progress

I started in maybe November of last year, quickly gave up on finishing it for that Christmas.

Garter stitch sheets of 2 skeins of yarn is not fun. Especially when the color is white.

I've finally pushed through and finished the white.

Onto the green and pink (only 1 skein each). The goalis having them both done by next Friday.

Felted Wreath

And this finished for December 1.

On top of all the Christmas gifts I have planned, Christmas cards to be hand printed, a small swap, and painting ornaments for work. Oh yeah, and going to work. Painting the house. Making dinner nightly.

But more things seem to get done at times like these. Hopefully it will keep up and I'll be pleasantly surprised.

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