Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ooo, Dat's a Good Pickter!

Little Dude is Three…Already.

While home for the long holiday weekend, all holed up in mom and dad's house watching tons of movies (which all were interconnected somehow) and eating way too much, we decided to celebrate Bray's 3rd birthday a couple weeks early since Mike and I can't be coming up every two weeks for the rest of the year.

Happy Bray Day! Pupcakes

After seeing 'Fred Claus' as a family Saturday morning (the head elf was in 'Evan Almighty' which also starred Morgan Freeman of 'The Shawshank Redemption' as well as featuring the squat fat friend in 'Knocked Up' - I don't think 'The Incredibles' worked into the mix but we watched that too, as well as a whole lotta channel 229 - aka HGTV), Bray, Mike and I made cupcakes. Which Bray affectionately calls pupcakes.

Birthday Pupcakes

So while decorating how could I resist adding a little puppy face to the mix. We gave Bray full reign over the largest cupcake. After dumping several sorts of candies, sugars and sprinkles on, he refused to eat it. But it probably turned out for the best because I don't think it cooked all the way through.

The Budding Photog Fast at Work

Our biggest reason for wanting to celebrate early was our gift. The Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera (don't worry, no recall on it and the Chicago Tribune tested it specifically for lead). I've been wanting to get this for him since last Christmas when I found out about it, and luckily it turns out he really wanted it. My sister was dropping hints to my mom that he'd like it for Christmas. It was an exciting gift that deserved attention, which he birthday party would not lend to. Too many people around overwhelming him with gifts, and noise, and sugar.

Ooo, Dat's a Good Pickter.

So instead we had him to ourselves. Only Mommy, Uncle Mike, Aunt Sarah, Pop, Grams, Harper and Bray. Though a small crowd in our perspective, a large enough crowd to have plenty of picture opportunities. Though the best models seemed to be the tile floor and the ceiling, Harper was a favorite as well. The rest of us had so many pictures taken of our "pecs" and thighs, but if we reminded him to "look for the face" we were greeted with:

"Look it's Pop (mommy, Harper, etc)! Ooo, Dat's a good pickter!"

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