Monday, November 26, 2007

The Last Halloween Post of the Year.

Aye, ye swallawag

At long last, I finally have pictures of Braydon in the Pirate costume I made him for Halloween this year. Looks like it fit considerably well considering he was 3.5 hours away when I made it.

Bray's Full Pirate Costume

Nothing fancy here. Just a polo shirt, sweat pants, an old tie, an old tee shirt and some fun foam.


I drafted a vest pattern by using the polo's size as a guide and my understanding of what a vest should look like. My mantra is pretty much, NO PATTERN, when it comes to sewing. I think I may be afraid of them. It's easier to just make it up.

I used an old ISU tee shirt that Mike was getting rid of, which saved me about $2 in fabric. Plus I recycled. That makes me green, right? I was able to get away with it looking almost entirely like purchased fabric…until I got to the last shoulder. You can see the remenients of "Illinois State."

Normal black sweat pants were made piratey by cutting the legs raggedy. I used the same technique on the vest, so it didn't look like a proper, nerdy vest. I left the polo as is, it was the most expensive piece I bought and I figured at the rate this kid grows, another plain shirt couldn't hurt. I channeled Johnny Depp and added a flamboyant old tie from either my dad's or father-in-law's cast-offs. And topped it off with a custom made pirate hat.

Detail of foam pirate cap

Michael's was selling fun foam pirate hats for $3 and I almost caved, but then I saw black foam visors were $1 and a 9x12" sheet of white foam was 89 cents. Being $1.11 cheaper, I went that route. Plus it gave me an excuse to use an exacto knife at home.

Underdog cape for Bray's Puppy

Not to stop at one costume, I threw in this number with the package for Bray's stuffed puppy. It's tiny, probably only 3 or 4 inches long and he's had it for a couple years now. When we visited in September, he kept throwing it around, calling it Underdog. So Underdog got his very own cape.

Made from tee shirt scraps I've been toting around since I initially cut my concert tee shirt quilt years ago.

Sadly this one didn't fit as well as the other costume. A bit too big around the neck, but luckily Underdog's fur static clings it in place. Saving the world will not have to wait.


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