Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Handcrafted Angels

Christmas crafting is going on in full force. I'm actually working on 3 crafts/presents right now (well before I took this break). I know, I know, so productive. But really I should be figuring out what color to paint our living room and dining room. I've put it off long enough. We're painting this weekend, plus our dining room table is being delivered. Perhaps before I go to bed I'll sit down with the laptop and play around. No reading for me tonight.

Aren't these angels cute? They are kind of a inspiration/reminder for a swap I'm doing. One with a mail date of December 5. Hmmm, luckily I started tonight. We're making clothespin dolls, fun right? I've really become addicted to the little wooden dolls and toys lately. I even convince my boss to do hand painted hot dog ornaments for our Christmas gift. Those should be coming home with me soon, maybe I'll share. Though if I'm being completely honest, my idea was for a hot dog ornament, it morphed into hand painting for cost reasons. But they're looking cute.

Anyways, the angels came from the Design Ideas Holiday Warehouse Sale. A fun little event that happens here as a fundraiser for local charities. It surprising all the stuff that this company does. Target carries a lot of their stuff (just go to the stationery dept), and I think last Christmas Crate & Barrel had this reindeer campaign. I got some of that stuff (some placemats and dish towels) for the holiday kitchen decor. I stopped myself from getting the reindeer table runner for our new dining room table, but at $9 is was by far on of the most expensive things there. Oh, and the reindeer glass tumblers didn't come home with me either. $1.50 for 4, but there was a lead warning on the box so I panicked. It will be running a few more days, and I may head back.

Well my break should be over, back to work before bedtime. I need to get to bed on time or this morning's incident may occur again. And I'll be confused all day…and slightly grumpy. Have you ever dreamed of the day going on like normal? Like starting from waking up? I did that this morning after I nodded off after the alarm went off. I was in that weird half awake state which made it even harder to wake up fully because I thought I was up. I was even going through my closet picking out clothes. I guess that's what I get for watching Dancing with the Stars until 10 and then reading after my shower.

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