Friday, November 30, 2007


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Winter is definitely settling in. I yearn to be all cozied up in bed all weekend. Eating warm chocolate chip cookies and sipping hot chocolate. Instead I am determined to be productive. With our new dining room table arriving tomorrow, we've decided to finally paint the living room, dining room and studio this weekend. I'm nervous about color choices in the living room/dining room. Hopefully my instinct will be good. If not Mike might make us live with it. It'll be nice to have things wrapping up. Christmas decorations can then go up in the coming week.

And if I get any downtime from painting, I plan to craft craft craft. Clothespin doll swap deadline is looming. December 1st is knocking on the door and my Poinsettia Wreath is still just sheets of felt and Christmas cards (though the envelopes are labeled and stamps purchased) are still just a glimmer in my eye.

I like this time of year, with all the ambitions. It drives me to complete more. It just really makes getting through the work day tough because I feel like I could be so much more productive at home. Though I know from experience, having all the free time in the world does not equal craft/homemaking productivity.

Off to make a 8:30 pm trip to Lowe's on a Friday night. Need paint and Christmas electrical supplies…oh yea and shoe cubbies.

See ya on the flip side! Stay cozy.

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