Sunday, December 02, 2007

Paint Extravaganza

December 1 Progress

1. Soooo Cool., 2. The Studio Well On It's Way., 3. The Urbandale, 4. Almost There

Yesterday consisted of painting, a table delivery, more painting, a three hour nap, homemade chili, more painting, another 8:30 trip to Lowe's and finally, more painting.

We didn't quite finish the three rooms we tackled, but came pretty darn close considering . The Living room is finished, the studio is painted but waiting for decorative molding, and the dining room is sporting our new table… The Urbandale and three painted walls. The fourth will be a deep chocolate brown and will hopefully be finished early this week.

It's nice to have these rooms all done in one swipe. I had been agonizing over the paint color for the living/dining rooms. Both rooms have rugs that feature green and another color, so I had to find a green that worked both with a sea blue and browns. I think I reached a happy medium in this light sage green. It really brightens up both rooms too, which was Mike's concern. Initially my color choice was closer to the greens in the rugs, but the light green is making me happy. The living room is now light and airy feeling, and to tone down the dining room I'm going to add a bold Chocolate brown. I'm hoping that makes it feel a bit more formal, but urban. And perhaps we'll eventual add some crown molding.

Sadly Christmas crafting was put on hold for a couple days, but I hope to jump on that soon. Maybe even when I get back from the grocery store. I want to finish my wreath!!! I just don't have the stamina to go all Martha Stewart by sleeping only like 4 hours a night to get everything I want to do done.

You can see fuller picture of the progress this weekend in my flickr by clicking any of the links below the photos.

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