Friday, December 07, 2007

Crafting Under Deadline…Felted Christmas Wreath

Finally, A Year Later!

Another thing finished. Or was that part of this project that I boasted about before. Hmmm. Don't remember.

I finished this beauty up last night, after making roses for a couple hours.

The question is, will it really go on our door…outside?

I haven't decided yet.

More projects on the way, this weekend is devoted to Christmas cards (whose envelopes have been addressed for 2 weeks) and ornament painting for work. It should be a relaxing weekend compared to last.

Oh! And Mike finished up the detail work in my studio tonight. I'll start the move in this weekend as well. It turned out exactly how I wanted, I can't wait to spend time in there. I promise to keep it clean. Hmm, a tall order, perhaps it will be my New Year's Resolution.


Jenna Z said...

Oooh, gorgeous!

Crafts and Gift Guru Gal said...

Crafting last minute - haha, ooo I know about that one! Happy Holidays!