Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Worked Harder Than Santa's Elves

Zero Calories

Our five Christmases are over…finally (5 is too many in one week, sadly). I'm happy to report that all handmade presents were finished at least a few hours before they were to be presented. It was close though. Do you want to hear again how I swear I'm going to get a head start on Christmas in 2008?

Xmas Food Mosiac

I wasn't able to make all the felt food I wanted for Bray, but I was able to get three meals in. As well as spray painting the serving tray.

In case you can't tell, Bray's kitchen is serving up pancakes with syrup and butter, a fried egg and strip of bacon, a plate of 6 ravioli and a chicken leg and a chocolate chip cookie.

I'm thinking he'll get a few more things for Easter. Maybe some veggies to go with the chicken leg. A salad, perhaps. A pizza? A sandwich? And maybe even a piece of cake, at least a more proper dessert.

I have his handmade gift planned for next Christmas (or his birthday) and it's pretty intense so I'll need to get an early start on it (hmmm, why does that idea keep popping up?).

Light Kitty

I was able to finish the embroidery on this kitty during the ride up north (a 3 and a half hour drive turned 4 and a half - thank you hurricane force winds and snow). The recipient ended up not being in attendance, but I figure her grandmother could get her my gift easier than I could.

You can't quite tell, but I even did my photography in the car. I disguised it well with my concert tee shirt lap quilt, right? It was the sunny conditions I've photographed in in months. Go figure.

Dark Kitty

And this little kitty was finished one night before bed. Baby cousin was oblivious to it (I forgive her at age 3 months), but her mom seemed to like it. I need more practice making things look a bit less handmade, I cringed the entire time dark kitty here was passed around being examined.

I sat down with the Crafty To Do tonight, now that Christmas 2007 is out of the way. Not exactly a clean slate, but clean enough to make me think I could accomplish it all. But then again, 2008 has yet to start.

Wishing you all crafty luck in the coming year! See ya in the new year.

(ps 200 posts in a little more than a year and a half!)

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Dayna said...

Your food looks so tasty! Nice job. I vow to start earlier for next Christmas too...we will see how that goes!