Tuesday, January 01, 2008

And It's Gone In a Blur.

Christmas Morning

Goodbye 2007. Hello 2008.

The holidays have come and gone in (a somewhat stressful) blur.

Now to hunker down in the new house. Regroup, relax, and most likely fight our way through a snowstorm/ice storm or two.

As you can see, Christmas was a blur of excitement. Five days of family, family, and more family. But the traveling was worth it for one of the only Christmas I ever remember being at home on Christmas morning. Opening presents on Christmas morning (I know that must sound weird to most of you). And if you can't tell, the real excitement of Christmas comes at age three. Bray has become a pro at ripping through presents.

Our New Year's celebration was more subdued (though we couldn't have it easy, we drove through some nasty road conditions into the middle of nowhere). A quiet evening with our good friend and her husband in their country home. Just pizza, cupcakes and games. Pretty much the perfect celebration for a person like me. Topped off with a quiet day off at home watching movies and reading, bundled up in blankets eating chocolate chip cookies.

Mike and I discussed our New Year's Resolutions on our way home this afternoon. I won't bore you with the details, but both our lists involve the usual things…we start tomorrow (ha).

Good luck in the new year.

And here's to hoping ours is rather dull.

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