Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Daily Doodle 01/15/08 - Decorating

DailyDoodle 01/15/08 - Decorating

Sometimes when I'm supposed to be brainstorming one thing, something different comes out. After seeing Imagekind, I think I found the solution to a decorating feat I've wanted to accomplish since I got my photos back from my trip to Italy.

I'll be able to have larger prints made of my point and shot pictures than at the drugstore, and get them framed and matted at the same time. All for less than a custom frame job would cost.

I need to do some background research (with like customer reviews) and get some reprints that I can scan at high resolution, but I think this will be the start of a decorating scheme that's been a long time coming.

I can see our bedroom becoming a gallery of memories from adventures we've taken. and as our family grows I hope to make a tradition of creating souvenir jars that will be displayed amongst the photography.

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