Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Little Bit of Everything.

Makin' Lasagna with Mom, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Mike

First we made some lasagna.

Then one of us spent the night throwing up.

Going Really Fast!

When everyone was up the next morning, we ate eggs. Then headed to the mall for some freezing cold temperature fun.

Merry-Go-Round Ride

We rode the merry-go-round. Played in the play area with two little girl twins and their big sister. We looked at puppies and ate soft pretzel sticks. And went to watch Bee Movie.

Bray in the Play Area Car

Then one of us threw up again. In the theater at the end of the movie.

After a rush to the car in the freezing temperatures with no coats on, we all came home feeling queasy. Stocked up on saltines, 7Up, Gatorade and chicken noodle soup, we spent the rest of the evening watching various movies and tv shows, bundled up on respective couches and futons. Trying to keep a certain someone from running, jumping, spinning with quiet activities like playing with pink My Little Pony Playdough (Mike made a puppy).

Mike's Playdough Puppy

We made it through the night without another puking incident, though I awoke to Bray's cries downstairs and thought the worst. I didn't trek down, not knowing if my stomach could handle the sight and smell of any more throw up.

We found out this morning that it was only a false alarm. Whew.

And now we are left in the wreakage. Laundry to do. Kitchens to clean. Beds to remake. And barf bags to bring outside.

Instead we watch Boston Legal and try to stay warm with fleece blankets and hot cocoa.

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