Sunday, February 17, 2008

Extra Long - a reference to what?

A Knitting I Shall Go
Project #6 in '50 in 2008' challenge - Simple Tote Knitting Project Bag

Finally, I'm able to share some more projects. Mom's birthday was yesterday and I sent her a knitting kit. She has expressed interest to learn in the past, but when I talked to her on our way to St Louis, she was nothing but apprehensive.

Though she did love the bag everything came in. So that's something.

I used Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing book pattern for the Simple Tote, except I didn't check the errata. So you may notice the handles are a weird proportion. Not as weird as they should have been according to the book. I thought the book was crazy and ended up using the pieces I had already cut according to the book, but then cut them in half length-wise and stitched the short ends together. That left me with some pretty long (and slightly chunky handles). I like the long long handle though because now it can comfortably be worn on the shoulder.

Easy Access Pocket, Can't Lose Me Yellow & Extra Long Handle

I also included the book 'You're Never Too Old to Knit,' along with yarn and needles for two beginner projects (a hat from the book knit flat on big needles with chunky yarn & the ball band dishcloths from Mason-Dixon Knitting).

The knitting will probably have to wait until Easter when I can sit down with my mom and show her how it's done. She says she can't learn unless I'm within touching distance. Hmmm.

The Flowery Back

As you may have caught earlier, Mike and I headed to St Louis yesterday for a belated Valentine's Day celebration. We went to the SLAM (St Louis Art Museum) - free to all! - wandering around for a few hours just looking at art. I know I was an art student, but I don't enjoy analyzing art while strolling through museums. I like to admire. To gravitate towards things that catch my eye. Whether it's color, compositions or a recognizable face. I also enjoy picking out my favorite piece in the entire museum at the end of the day. Usually they tend to come from the Modern or Contemporary art sections. And usually by an artist that I have never heard of. The same holds true to this session, both came from the contemporary/modern German area. And yet I did not make an effort to note artist names. Tsk tsk.

I enjoy seeing families at the art museums. Plus it's way more peaceful, unlike science museums where they cater to kids acting crazy. The best sight I saw was a father wandering with two little girls (probably 5 & 7). The girls sat in front of a case in the African tribal art section with Crayola sketch pads laid out and color pencils in hand, discussing the giant spirals the cord was making to create the piece. As I quickly peered over their heads while walking past, I saw each girl had drawing done based on several other pieces they had seen that say.

Isn't that great?

After an early day at the museum we headed to our hotel, the Hilton at the Ballpark, to chill (and nap in my case - for some reason I woke up a 6am on a Saturday). Thanks to we were able to stay there for $60 bucks, in a room that usually costs $230. Then we got spiffed up and walked a few blocks to An American Place and enjoyed the 5 course Valentine's Chef's Meal. We had caviar (which is delicious!) and a bunch of other stuff that was couldn't pronounce. It was fun and exciting to eat such an extravagant meal. Being surprise with each course. Having unexpected tastes interact in your mouth. It's not something we experience too much here in our own kitchen.

And now we've just been chilling at home, Mike watching Nascar (eek!) and I putzing around the computer and internet trying to use my Valentine's day present!

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