Sunday, February 03, 2008

In which I attempt cookies.

Harry Potter Sugar Cookies

Snow-bound Friday after 13 inches was dumped on us. A nice relaxing day. Enjoyed knitting, watching Martha Stewart and just sitting in our sun filled living room (I was beginning to wonder if any room besides our bathroom got sun). After a mini snooze while watching 'Meet the Parents,' I began feeling a little restless…and trapped. Especially since it was the end of the week and we had run out of desserts! A weekend without desserts, ack! So I made my first attempt at sugar cookies, and broke in my Harry Potter cookie cutters I got last fall.

The sugar cookies turned out much better than my attempts a chocolate chip cookies. But still not up to my standards. Maybe I just don't like sugar cookies. I definitely need more practice baking.

It was a festive way to wrap up reading the Harry Potter series. My favorites were the lightning bolts.

I have some knitting to share but I'll wait a couple days, as it was for a swap and I don't want my secret partner to accidentally find me out at the last minute.

So until next time, keep twindling those dials. The next password will be "FutureGen." Keep each other safe. Keep the faith. Good night.


Stacey said...

I miss you and our shared Harry Potter craziness.

I also miss your sketchbooks at 8am that put mine to shame :)

Stay warm! ::hugs::

gemma said...

Woah! I had no idea you had a craft blog. I like it. Also, I noticed on Facebook that you work for CL Graphics. My work (Onward Neighborhood House) orders all of our paper products from them. It seems like a nice group of people.