Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tie One On - Polka Dotted Lovelies

Tie One On - Polka Dotted Lovelies - Nov07 to Jan08
Project #2 of 50, in the '50 in 2008' challenge - Tie One On: Polka Dotted Lovelies

In under the wire again.

Three months to work on it and I wait until two days before the end of the month to even start.


Quite an accomplishment for me…I followed a pattern! Ok, not 100%, probably more like 85%. I had to deviate when I got to the part of putting the ties on and realized the pattern pieces to cut had continued onto the second page. Luckily I thought the pattern was crazy in thinking I could tie the waist band piece around my waist and cut a few lengths more to compensate.

I think it turned out cute. I'm half tempted to keep it. Too bad it was supposed to be a Christmas present. A Christmas present I never got around to starting until January 30.

I bought the fabric at the after Thanksgiving sale at Joann's. After dragging Mike there and realizing we would in no way get out of the store in less than 2 hours if I had fabric cut, I found a quilt kit that housed lots of polka dotted goodness in colors close enough to what I wanted. A 50% off coupon later, I bought the $45 dollar kit at half the price and in 1/12 the time.

Only trouble was they were mostly fat quarters which posed a problem making the ruffles as directed. I ended up having to sew 2 strips together to get length on each, but the sanity I saved for both Mike and myself…it was definitely worth it. Can you even tell?

The flowered fabric was the backing to the quilt, so I didn't have to patch together like four feet of length. But I am stuck with a lot of it now. Perhaps something for Mike? Ha.

In addition to Tie One On, I'm also counting this at Project #2 of 50 in my '50 in 2008' challenge. Project #3 is mostly done, and will hopefully be sharing some photos this weekend as I do need to send the little guy out to his new home asap.

So until next time, keep twiddling those dials. The next password will be 'knit wit.' So keep each other safe. Keep the faith. Goodnight.

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Anonymous said...

This is really cute too!! You make a lot of cute stuff!!!! I love the fabric! I hope that you have an awesome weekend!! I should be sending your package this weekend. I just need to get a few more things.