Sunday, March 02, 2008

Spring for a day!

My new ride!

It was incredibly beautiful today. Like 70 degrees beautiful. With sun, and some wind. Very much welcomed as cabin fever has definitely set in in our household. To breathe fresh air…ah, it was great.

After going on a mini bike ride yesterday to get celebratory * ice cream downtown, Mike and I took our brand new bikes out today.

A nice little excursion, only brought down by my lack of gear shifting knowledge and the bike trail being closed once we finally got there.

It's our intent that as the weather nicens-up, weekend excursions will become habit and drives to work will become pedals to work. As we only live about 2 miles away from each of our jobs.

The rest of the day will be spent with our windows open, enjoying our new DVR & a Cubs game (some knitting for me as well) and perhaps some chocolate fondue that didn't get made last night for friends after our "First Grill of the Year" feast.

* As for what we were celebrating, Friday was our local Addy awards. My company racked up 9 awards, including the Judges Choice award, out of 10 entries (8 of our entries won something). And better yet, two of those awards were for things I did. One of the first projects I did when I started won a Gold Addy and our Christmas hot dogs won a silver!

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