Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sweet Smell of Success

Homemade Sunday Morning

A home-baked Sunday morning.

Losing an hour wreaks havoc on the system, but today was sweetened by some home-baked doughnuts.

Sugar Bath

After seeing Soulemama's post earlier this week, I knew I had to try. And I must say I was successful! My dough doubled in size, something it never does. I gave it an extra hour and I guess that made the difference.

After enjoying a couple warm sugar doughnuts, the rest have be frozen and should make a nice treat Easter morning when my family is down to visit. Perhaps next weekend I'll try my hand a bagels, then we'll have a whole spread.

It's really exciting for my baking to turn out, I haven't had a whole lotta luck in the cookie department and had almost given up completely.

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Laura said...

Ooh these look delicious! Excellent job. I've always wanted make donuts (yes, I even have a donut cutter to get that perfect shape), but never have done so. Too tempting to eat a dozen myself!

If you feel super motivated, make some bagels. That was the best Sunday morning in our house! :)