Saturday, May 03, 2008

Saturday Stroll in the Park

Towards the Ducks

We headed to the park this evening, new camera in hand and little pup on leash for her longest walk yet.

Flowering Trees at 1501

In search for a shot of spring for mom's mother day present. Whaddya think, mamacita? It's a random house around the park, but it definitely says spring to me. I had a couple runners up, but they're a bit week in comparison.

And Evening Comes
Photo by Mike

Mike has a much better memory for photography class and the mechanics of a SLR. I'm definitely going to have to bring out the ole photography book and read up on apeture and f-stops. It will be better for our relationship if I read up on it rather than have Mike "reteach" me.

Just like at home

On the way back home, we happened by the duck pond (which luckily isn't too inhabited by ducks and geese like it is in the summer). Nibbler was in heaven, thinking we discovered her favorite toy in the park after such a long walk. She was very interested in this mallard that so very resembles her stuffed duck.

Little fox

As we rounded the block towards home, I found this cute little fox. Which so very much reminded me of these. I thought he offered the perfect way to end a Saturday (or start a Sunday)!

Until tomorrow.

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