Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Since I Can't Be There…

Mini Me Clothes Pin Doll
Project #17 in '50 in 2008 challenge' - Best Friend Clothespin Doll

Finished this last week, just in time to send it off with Darcy's Christmas present to make it there for her birthday. Yes, it's July and we hadn't exchanged our Christmas presents yet. And no, that doesn't really make it her birthday present instead.

Number one, it was wrapped in Christmas paper. Number two, I'm working on her birthday present and hope to either give it to her when she comes back home in August or send it to her before Christmas. Even if it's the week before Christmas.

I swear, I'll get us back on track.

Back to the craft, right? If you can't tell, it's mini me. For a best friend who's out in La-La Land (doing science stuff, not trying to make it big). I figure, if she's friendless she can talk to "me" instead. If not, she can take "me" to fun LA spots since who knows when I'll really be able to go. Too bad I hadn't sent "me" earlier, I might have gotten a picture with Tori Spelling…at her house (which is totally normal looking - you can tell she blew all her 90210 money early).

Hmm…maybe I should just photoshop "me" into the pictures Darcy sent me.


Stacey said...

Aww!! A little you!! So cute!

Linnea said...

Very cute present :o) good luck with all of the catching up! You can do it :o) Oh, and since you're an American Girl Doll fan, I wanted to ask you - have you seen the Kit Kittredge movie? I want to see it this weekend! Take care & have a wonderful Friday!