Friday, August 01, 2008

Shock & Awe.

Quite a surprise yesterday morning when I opened my bloglines for a brief looksie before I started working for the day and saw I had been awarded this gem by Jenna of Corgipants. Sometimes it feels like I'm writing to myself (not that there's anything wrong with that, right?), but it sure is nice to see this little blog of mine is well received by the readership I do have.

Jenna had some very nice things to say about Craft N Clutter and about the work I do, especially that special blogiversary prize that made its way to Jenna's home. I do love a compliment, and since I love to create, it's wonderful to hear that other people like the results as well. Because though the creator may see all the flaws, that same eye can be biased towards the results.

So now it's my turn to share some of those blogs that inspire me with content.

The envelope please…

First up, a relative newcomer to the scene, Linnea of Linnea Paulina. Her outlook on life seems so sunny, finding small joys in life. Her images capture the simplicity and beauty of everyday life. The fruits of her kitchen labors, gifts (and other crafts) she just seems to whip up, and those lovely shots from her strolls and adventures - whether to the farmers market or reading in the park - they all keep me coming back everyday, waiting for a small pick-me-up.

Next up - this one's kinda cheating but I'm the one giving out the awards, so deal - the Soule Children at SouleMama. Sure, their mama's great and she does capture their spirit in photos and words, but these kids are awesomely creative. And not afraid to express themselves in whatever manner takes them on a specific day. I hope one day to have children half as free as them, and until them, I thank Amanda for sharing what amazing people her children are.

Hilary at Wee Wonderfuls of course needs to be mentioned. Besides providing myself and much of the craft blogging community with the cutest patterns to craft up ourselves whether stuffies or embroidery, the things she envisions and then makes reality is fascinating. I mean these dolls have their own photo shoots! with wardrobe changes! Her craftsmanship is something to emulate, and I can do nothing more than wait for the next post and hope to learn a little bit more.

Another blogger I've found myself anxiously awaiting new posts from in the past few months is Danielle at Thompson Family-Life. She has this wonderfully whimsical style I wish I could pull off that some through in her photography and crafts, and even more recently her new esty endeavour. I seriously just await the updates for the eye candy. And I love all the thought she's putting into her esty packaging. If I ever start a shop, I will take a cue from her.

My final award goes to Crafty Intentions, whom I just found the other day. I was drawn to her blog by pictures of a fabulous new craft/art studio. And what better reason to award someone with an inspiration award than because I covet her work space. Seriously go covet for yourself. IT IS THAT GOOD. Plus if you get past those pictures, she's pretty funny.

And of course, I extend the honor to them to bestow their own favorites with the rest of us…to pick 5 blogs they feel deserve recognition for their creativity, design, fascinating content and contribution to the blogging community. The rules are simple: include the name of all five winners and a link to their blogs. Show the award and the name and link of the blog that has given you the award. And lastly, include these rules and link to the origin of this award which is the "Arte y Pico" blog.


Linnea said...

Oh my, THANK YOU Sarah :o) Your sweet words truly made my day. I read them right before I zipped off to work yesterday (that's why I didn't say thank you sooner!). Thankful is what I'm feeling. I found some new fun blogs from your list, too, so thank you for sharing wonderful bloggers. Looks like you've been a busy bee, lately :o) have a fantastic and wonderful Sunday!

Megan said...

Thank you!!!! I just want to put you in my pocket and carry you around for a while! I was on vacation this weekend so I didn't get the award sooner, boy was this nice to come home to! :) I'll be sure to award my favorites soon!

Anonymous said...


See how you can make a difference, with your kindness. You truly take after your mother.